iPhone information

Voice Over can be adjusted so that it turns on or off by triple tapping the home button. To do this: You can configure the device to display options for VoiceOver, Zoom, or White on Black when you triple-click the Home button. This feature is off by default; to enable it, tap Settings then General then Accessibility then Triple-click Home. (Note that some of these options may be off the screen, so if someone is looking at it visually, they will need to scroll down towards the bottom).
Here is a guide for Voice Over (this includes information for Mac computers as well, so you may want to skip to the section that discusses gestures: http://www.apple.com/voiceover/info/guide/_1131.html
Here is a good website about iPad accessibility (also applies to iPhone). http://tech.kateva.org/2010/06/ipad-user-guide-accessibility-and-more.html Here is the website from Apple on iPhone accessibility:
In addition, you can practice VoiceOver gestures by tapping Settings then General then Accessibility then VoiceOver then Practice VoiceOver Gestures. When VoiceOver is on, this feature provides audio feedback describing the gestures you are performing, and what action they perform on the device. For more information on adjusting settings, go to: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3577
Some other excellent websites are:
(they have information on accessible apps for the iOS
(they have over 30 audio tutorials for using the
iPhone and most apply to iPod touch or iPad!).
Here is a list of gestures for the iOS devices:
Navigate and Read
Tap: Speak item.
Flick right or left: Select the next or previous item.
Flick up or down: The effect varies depending on the Rotor Control setting. Change the rotor setting y using two fingers to turn a “virtual” knob. Two-finger tap: Stop speaking the current item.
Two-finger flick up: Read all, from the top of the screen.
Two-finger flick down: Read all, from the current position.
Three-finger flick up or down: Scroll one page at a time.
Three-finger flick right or left: Go to the next or previous page (such as the Home screen or Safari).
Three-finger tap: Speak the scroll status (which page or rows are visible). Four-finger flick up or down: Go to the first or last element on a page. Four-finger flick right or left: Go to the next or previous section (for example, on a webpage).
Select and Activate
Double-tap: Activate selected item. Touch an item with one finger, tap the screen with another finger (“split-tapping”):
Activate item. Double-tap and hold (1 second) – same as a long press on an item. This can be used to move or delete items on the home screen. After this gesture, you can delete with a single finger double tap or move an item by dragging to another location.
The double-tap and hold gesture tells iPad to interpret the subsequent gesture as standard. For example, you can double-tap and hold, and then without lifting your finger, drag your finger to slide a switch. You can use standard gestures when VoiceOver is turned on, by double-tapping and holding your finger on the screen. A series of tones indicates that normal gestures are in force. They remain in effect until you lift your finger, then VoiceOver gestures resume.
Two-finger double tap: Play or pause in iPod, YouTube, Voice Memos, or Photos. Start or pause recording in Voice Memos. Start or stop the stopwatch.
Three-finger double tap: Mute or unmute VoiceOver.
Three-finger triple tap: Turn the display on or off. (This is known as the “screen curtain
http://discussions.info.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=11374079 > ”
feature. Be careful! It’s too easy to go from mute/unmute VoiceOver to blanking the screen.)
Here is a link to the iPad PDF Manual:
There are also some great videos available on YouTube. I would suggest you search for iphone accessibility or ipad accessibility. You may also want to add the term Voice Over, Blind or low vision in the search field. Sincerely,
Rachael Trinkowsky, CRC, Ed.S
Technology Training and Vocational Coordinator
Lighthouse for The Blind of the Palm Beaches
(561) 586-5600 ext. 3510


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