Windows Update Tuesday

The second Tuesday of the month is also known as Windows Update Tuesday. It is when Microsoft releases patches and updates that make your computer secure and safer to use.
Something I frequently ask people on facebook is, When is the last time you manually checked for a windows update, reguardless of what your automatic settings are set to. I ask this for a couple of reasons.
1. To get people in the habit of going to check, just in case there is an update and your computer isn’t missing out on it. So many of the virus and malware attacks wouldn’t happen if people applied these fixes or patches every month.
2. There are some viruses and malware out there that disable Windows Update preventing your computer from being able to access the fixes and patches. So if you manually check from time to time, you’ll know that this isn’t the case and things are working fine.

Its also a good practice to check on Adobe Reader and Flash updates. One easy way to do this is the easy and free install programs from

Once you select the installers you want, ninite will start a file download for a small program. Save this program you are downloading and you’ll have it anytime you want to check the selected programs for an update.
Ninite will check for updates and if there is one, it’ll update that program. If there is no update, ninite skips that program. One benefit of getting programs through ninite is they remove any of the toolbars or other junk that companies try to sneak in on you.
For example, if you go to adobe’s site and download flash for your computer, there will be a check box somewhere on the page to include a free scan or some other junk that you don’t need. Ninite removes this stuff in their install process.

I do suggest keeping Automatic Updates set to Automatically download and install on Windows computers. That is the best way to keep your computer up to date but do a manual check now and then just to make sure things are working right.


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