Magic Jack Plus

Santa brought us an early gift today. We now have the new Magic Jack Plus and love it.

This new model can plug directly into a router unlike the old model which has to be plugged in via a USB port on your computer. The new Magic Jack Plus can still do that if you want.
The call quality which was good before seems even better when it is connected via a router. It also will make the studdering dial tone sound if you have voice mail waiting.
Many stores have this but I got one of the elves to confess Santa picked it up at Radio Shack. It was $69 which includes the first year of service, $30 a year each year after that.
If you are currently a magic jack user as we were you can setup the magic jack plus with your existing account info and keep the same number.

Say goodbye to that overpriced land line service,

We and many others have a cordless phone base plugged into the Magic Jack Plus. This is the easiest way of setting it up. You can also transfer your old land line number if you prefer to keep the same phone number but that isn’t something we needed to do so I can’t comment on that process.


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