Sprint Makes Android-Powered Smartphones More Accessible to Customers Who Are Blind or Have Trouble Reading Print on Screen Due to Various Disabilities

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Sprint Makes Android-Powered Smartphones More Accessible to Customers Who Are Blind or Have Trouble Reading Print on Screen Due to Various Disabilities Posted by
on Jan 9, 2012 3:42:49 PM
Sprint Announces Two Accessibility Solutions Today Accessibility ID Packs and Mobile Accessibility Application
Sprint is proud to announce today that we will soon offer our customers who are blind
or visually impaired, as well as elderly individuals or those who cannot read print
on smartphones because of physical, perceptual, developmental, cognitive or learning
disabilities, free solutions that will provide them with easier access to their Android-powered smartphones functionality.
The solutions include five new Accessibility Sprint ID packs bundles of applications
available on select Android-powered smartphones and the Mobile Accessibility suite of applications.
Accessibility Sprint ID packs:
Today Sprint is announcing five accessibility-themed Sprint ID packs, developed by
Apps4Android, which are bundles of applications designed to accommodate the access
needs of Sprint subscribers with print disabilities people who are unable to read
standard printed material, including on their smartphone, because of blindness, visual disability, physical limitations, organic dysfunction or dyslexia. Accessibility ID Pack.jpg
1. Accessibility ID pack installs applications necessary to operate a smartphone
without the need to see or read what is being displayed on the screen. It does so through the use of spoken, auditory and vibrational feedback. 2. Accessible Entertainment ID pack installs applications that read RSS
news feeds and navigates users through YouTube entertainment content using high-quality text-to-speech voices.
3. Accessible Navigation ID pack installs GPS-based applications that provide
navigational assistance to users who are either driving or walking from one location to another.
4. Accessible Daily Living ID pack installs applications designed to help
individuals with print disabilities identify and locate items around the home and
workplace. It also includes a powerful video magnification application for reading print materials more easily.
5. Reading Made Easier ID pack installs applications designed to help individuals
read smartphone and Web-based documents, and surf the Web, more easily through the use of advanced navigation techniques and text-to-speech technology.
For more information about the Accessibility ID packs, read todays press release:
Apps4Android Expands Mobile Offerings with the Launch of Five Free Accessibility Sprint ID Packs Mobile Accessibility:
Today Sprint also announced that Mobile Accessibility, a suite of accessible applications
that have been specifically designed for people who are blind or visually impaired
which was developed by Code Factory, a company out of Spain, will be offered to Sprint
postpaid and Boost Mobile prepaid customers through the Android Market for free starting at the end of this quarter.
Mobile Accessibility features a simplified user interface and textual information
that is spoken aloud using voice synthesis to aid navigation of the device. The application
will be available for free for postpaid Sprint customers with Android-powered smartphones
activated on a monthly service plan that includes data, such as the Everything Data
plan starting at $79.99. The app is free for no-contract customers with Android-powered smartphones on Boost Mobiles Monthly or Daily Unlimited plans.
The application, which typically costs $99, will be available in English and Spanish
in Android Market under the names Sprint Mobile Accessibility EN & ES and Boost Mobile Accessibility EN & ES.
EVO Accessibility Apps.jpg
The main features of Mobile Accessibility:
Touch navigation: Users can simply move their finger around the screen
and the voice synthesis will read the text located under their finger. They can swipe
up/down/right/left and tap on the screen to navigate through the interface, and they can enable sound and vibration feedback.
Easy to input text: In or outside the Mobile Accessibility suite users
can use the touch QWERTY keyboard or speech recognition to write text quickly and easily making it possible to write an SMS or email using their voice only. Voice synthesis: Provides customers natural sounding voice read back.
For more information about the Mobile Accessibility application, read todays press release:
Sprint to Offer Mobile Accessibility Application, Developed by Code Factory, for Free to Customers Who are Blind or Have Low Vision Related links:
Apps4Android Accessibility ID packs press release
Mobile Accessibility press release


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