Twitter Client

Here is info on the 3rd party client I use with twitter.
The Qube

What is The Qube?
The Qube is a fork of
, a popular program pioneered by
Christopher Toth
. It was originally created as a private project to give its authors greater user
interface flexibility, but gained popularity since Qwitter’s development ceased in September 2011.
Qwitter was originally designed as a client for the Twitter microblogging service,
but later evolved into a revolutionary application, bringing the speech and sound-based
navigation paradigm it popularized on the Twitter platform to several other services.
Its primary advantage is that you can access these services without ever having to
open up another window: you never need to leave the application you are working in.
The Qube intends to maintain this philosophy, building upon Qwitter’s existing infrastructure
to continue to provide a powerful, high quality solution. It is extremely intuitive
to use and, if you’ve previously used Qwitter, the same concepts and keystrokes still
apply. Even if you haven’t, after reading through this document, it’s likely you’ll
be using it easily and efficiently in no time. We hope you enjoy the software and welcome your feedback on how it can be improved in the future.
The Qube works with most screen readers, including JAWS, Window-Eyes, System Access, SuperNova and the freely available
(version 2010.1 or later).

If you get an error after installing this client, you may need one of the following packages for support 32 bit operating systems


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