Listening To Online Radio

I haven’t sent this in awhile and thought I’d put it out there as these addresses do change from time to time.
These are from and I suggest turning off java script on that site so you can use your context key or right click so you can copy the links easier.

I listen with winamp and here’s an easy place to download it from

Copy the below link and press control l in winamp. In the edit box paste the link and press enter. Once it has started playing you can go into the winamp menus, go to bookmarks and press enter on add current to bookmarks and then the radio station will be in your winamp bookmarks for the next time you want to listen.


98.1 KMBZ FM aka 980 AM

105.1 Jack FM

101.1 KCFX FM

89.3 KCUR FM


That should get you started. One thing I like to do is when I hear of something big going on in the US is to go to and find a news talk station near where all of the news is taking place and listen to it from a local point of view.


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