Reminder – Change your weather radio batteries

Since we had our annual tornado drill today I am reminding everyone to change the batteries in your weather radio.
In the same style of changing the battery in your smoke detector when the time changes, change the batteries in your weather radio at least each year when we have a state wide tornado drill.

Also since many people have a smart phone of some sort, IPhone or Android, a great app available for both platforms is Tune In Radio. You can get your local weather radio on your phone that way along with a local radio station that provides storm coverage. Once such station in Kansas City is KMBZ which broadcasts on both 98.1 FM and 980 AM.

One of the great things about Tune In Radio is you can create a free account on their web site, add these and other stations to your presets and have those available wherever you want to listen. Your presets will follow you around wherever you want to login to Tune In Radio.
For example, I added the KC Weather Radio and KMBZ to my presets on the web site. I installed the Tune In Radio app on my Android based phone and logged into the same account via the app. I have those presets available to me when I go to the web site and when I launch the app.

Its just another way of using modern technology to help keep you safe.

Here is a link to their mobile page


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