Directions for DVS A T & T UVerse

Directions for DVS A T & T UVerse

Start by going to the channel that has the show you want to watch with description.
These settings are only for the current show, so you need to be on that channel before continuing.

Note: Currently, only local channels in the top 25 markets are required to broadcast the DVS audio for shows that have this available. TBS, TNT, USA, and TCM are currently broadcasting the DVS audio. The one local exception, KCPT 19, is broadcasting the DVS audio. Kansas City is 31 in the list of markets.

In the below steps, an asterisk indicates what you need to do.


* Press zoom.

This is the button below the number 9, on the bottom half of the remote. On a telephone keypad, the zoom button would be the same as the pound button.

Locate the four arrow keys on the upper half of the remote, they have a circle shaped button in the middle.

* Press down arrow 5 times

The menus do not scroll back to the top, so don’t worry if you move down more than 5 times.

* press enter.

This is the circle shaped key in the middle of the 4 arrow keys.

You are now in the audio language menu.

* down arrow once

* press enter

You have now activated the spanish audio language, which is where the DVS setting will usually be found.

These directions are assuming English and Spanish are the only options available for the show you are currently watching.

These settings are a one time only change. As soon as you change channels, the audio language is set back to English, even if you go back to the channel where you were watching a show with DVS.


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