Windows Updates For XP Extremely Slow

For anyone doing the regular second Tuesday of the month, Windows Update, and I hope everyone is, you may have noticed that last month and this month, things are running very slow with getting the security updates for Windows XP.

I’ve read in some forums of this process, which only takes a few minutes is taking 8 hours or more. This is because of a bug in how windows searches the database for updates.
Here’s some info and links to download the updates so you can install them manually. Note there are different links based on which version of IE you have installed. Again, hopefully everyone using Windows Xp is up to date and using IE 8 but here’s the info. Its just a file to download and install, nothing strange or difficult. This only applies to Windows XP.


The following is from:

Fix for XP Windows Update Problem
Microsoft stated last month that the Internet Explorer updates are treated differently for all the other updates – which is causing the XP Update engine to run so slowly as to appear frozen.

If the Update service detects you do not have the latest IE update that is currently available it starts to search the whole IE updates tree to see what you need – instead of just offering the current cumulative update for your system. But if you manually install the update yourself the Update service finds Internet Explorer is fully updated and doesn’t search for any IE updates. But until MS fix the issue it will keep happening each time a new update is released.

MS said they intended to prune the IE updates database so that only the key Cumulative updates were offered when a search was initiated – this didn’t happen in time for the November updated as intended and obviously has not happened or worked in time for the December update either!

Same temporary fix as last month:
Download and install the latest Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer KB2898785 – December 10, 2013

For Windows XP 32bit here are the direct download links:

IE6: WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-ENU.exe….aspx?id=41458
IE7: IE7-WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-ENU.exe….aspx?id=41442
IE8: IE8-WindowsXP-KB2898785-x86-ENU.exe….aspx?id=41404


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