Notes From Today’s NUT Meeting

Here are a few things we talked about at today’s NUT meeting…

Ship Rack
This service with apps for both android and IOS enables you to track packages from different carriers and puts the results all in one place, the Ship Rack app on your phone.
We’ve had to use one app to track Federal Express shipments, another one for UPS, and then having to go to the web site to track a package from the post office. The way Ship Rack works is you send an email to:,
You don’t need to tell them which carrier the tracking number is from, they can figure that out by the tracking number. You can either copy and paste the tracking number into an email or just forward a copy of a shipping notification that has the tracking number. Their service will find the tracking number in the email.
Once Ship Rack as the tracking number, they send the results to the app on your phone. You can label the item so instead of it just showing the tracking number and details, you can label the item as shoes or coffee, just as a way to remind you what is in the shipment.

When there is a change in the delivery status, the app on your phone is updated. For more information visit the Ship Rack web site at:

This again is a service that is available to both android and IOS devices. They also have a web site you can access via your computer.
AccuRadio streams music to the app on your phone or your browser if listening via a computer. They have a very large selection of music channels to listen to. If you like two channels, you can even blend the channels together.
There are buttons in the app to ban a song, add to your favorites, play / pause and skip to the next song.
There are ads at the bottom of the app, that is how they are able to provide the service. You’ll hear songs you’ve been singing to for years and maybe another song from the same artist that may not be as popular. There are ads now and then while listening to music. Sometimes you’ll hear 3 or 4 songs then an ad, sometimes 2 songs and then an ad. There ads are short and to the point, no five minute documentary like YouTube sneaks in sometimes. There is usually a button to buy the current song you are listening to. For more information about AccuRadio visit their site at:


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