Free Screen Reading Software

A person who is blind shouldn’t have to go into debt buying software so they can use a computer. They also shouldn’t have to jump through hoops so that a government agency will buy it for them. Don’t spend $895 or more plus the cost of ongoing upgrades when there is an excellent screen reading program that is free. It is made by and for people who are blind.

NVAccess – Our Mission

For more information and to download NVDA go to

Some people may not like the free speech synthesizer that is included with NVDA. It actually works quite well and if you had no other choice, one would be able to use their computer without any problems. However, you do have a choice in speech synthesizers when it comes to NVDA. One free choice when using Windows 8.1 and later are the two great Microsoft voices. They both sound great and are easy to understand.
If you need something that is a bit better as far as responsiveness and performance goes, there are other speech synthesizers available for purchase. One such option is below.

Eloquence and Vocalizer Expressive Add-on for NVDA From Code Factory

You can also find other free and publicly available speech synthesizers as well as other add-ons for NVDA by going to

Jeff’s NVDA Add-on Repository


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