Adding Phone Menu Options To Contacts

At the NUT meeting today I was talking about how I have phone menu options as part of the phone number in my contacts.

A comma will create a pause before it dials the next number. This is something you might have to experiment with to find out the exact number of commas for each place you call.

Here is how the numbers are in my contacts for Share-A-Fare. Since there are two options that I frequently use, I have two contacts for share-a-fare.

One is the main number which when dialed will wait a few seconds and will then dial 1.

The other is to check on a trip, which will wait a few seconds dial 2, then wait a few seconds and dial 1.


Check Trip

I can tell my phone to call check trip, it calls the main number for Share-A-Fare, waits a few seconds and enters my selection in the phone menu.

If Share-A-Fare changes their menu options so that I have to enter a different number for the option I want, I just have to edit the number for that contact.



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