How To Disable Links In Thunderbird

If you use Thunderbird for your email client as I do, please consider this option.
I disabled the ability to click on a link in an email message. It is just too easy to click on a link and then realize you shouldn’t have clicked on that one.

This forces me to go to the link, press the context key, copy the link and then go to my browser and paste the link.

This, at least for me gives me some time to think about if I really want to go to this link or not. I can paste the link into notepad to take a closer look. You might learn that the link to a file your friend wants to share with you doesn’t really go to Drop Box, or Google Drive as the email says, but actually takes you to a site on the internet that isn’t quite what you were expecting, even if the log in page looks just like Drop Box or Google Drive.

Disabling the ability to click on a link in Thunderbird doesn’t mean that Thunderbird is the weak link in all of this, Thunderbird just allows one to configure its settings more than you will find in other email clients. That in my opinion, makes Thunderbird more secure.

If you would like directions on how to enable this option please go to the article I posted on my blog, back in November 2013.


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