KCATA uses technology to improve services

As most of us know, through the use of IFTTT and the KCATA twitter site, people can find out about Share-A-Fare status changes due to inclement weather. The twitter site can also be useful when trying to communicate with SAF as Ruthie found out the day of the Royal’s parade.

But there is more. A few months ago there was a news segment about BRIDJ. In partnership with the KCATA, BRIDJ is an ap-based service that lets people schedule a passenger van to pick them up at their nearest bus stop. Passengers are then dropped at the bust stop nearest to their destination. The KCATA is also working on a system called IVR (Interactive Voice Response) which would let SAF passengers know if their ride will be late or even early. This system will be useful for everyone, especially for those of us who work at the IRS and have to wait outside for our rides to pick us up.

Lisa Womack KCATA Mobility Manager will be talking about these topics and more as well as answering questions at our next NFB Chapter meeting. You don’t need to be a member to come learn something new and ask questions. All interested parties are welcomed.

When: April 16, 2PM
Where: 118 Westport Road Second Floor (Westport Branch of the KC Public Library).

Hope to see you there!

Best Regards

Daniel Garcia

Posted by: Daniel Garcia


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