Lastpass & RoboBraille

Thanks to all who were able to attend the meeting today.

Here are some links for things I demonstrated.


Lastpass has an installer program that will install the browser add-on automatically to all supported browsers that are on your computer.

To download the installer go to:

You’ll need to create a master password, which is all part of creating an account with Lastpass. You can easily interact with Lastpass in your browser by pressing the context or applications key and arrowing up, as the Lastpass items are usually at the bottom of the list. If you need to log in to lastpass there will be an item in the context or applications menu to log in.

Perfect Passwords
LastPass can generate secure passwords, but if you want another source, try Perfect Passwords from

I just copy however many characters I need from the three types of passwords presented, then paste them into wherever I need to use one. Its helpful to also paste it into notepad or something else the first time you are using it, just in case something strange happens, as computers are known for and last pass doesn’t capture the password. That way you’ve got the random password and can enter it manually if you need to. Once you’ve got it into lastpass or whichever form of password storage you use, delete that password from notepad, or move it to a flash drive you keep in a safe or secure location.


Just select the source of what you want converted and the form will change from there.

Turn around time is pretty good depending on how busy the robo braille service is and what you are asking it to do.

The childrens book I mentioned having converted to audio took several hours overnight.



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