New In Firefox 50

There is one item that you might be interested in with today’s update to Firefox. There is now a keyboard shortcut to toggle reader view.

Have you ever gone to a web site to read an article but find so much junk before and in the middle of the article you are reading, sometimes you might just give up and find something else to read.

Firefox has had a reader view available in the view menu for awhile but you can now toggle it on or off with control alt r.

This option isn’t available with every site or article but when its available, it clears out all of the junk from the web site and gives you a nice reading experience.

Here is an example of the difference reader view makes.
For the article in its regular version go to:

Here is a paste from the same article in reader view.
Biggest Spike in Traffic Deaths in 50 Years? Blame Apps
Neal E. Boudette
The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating an Oct. 26 crash near Tampa that killed five people. A passenger in one car, a teenager, recorded a Snapchat video showing her vehicle traveling at 115 m.p.h. just before the collision.
A lawsuit filed in a Georgia court claims a teenage driver who was in a September 2015 crash near Atlanta was using Snapchat while driving more than 100 m.p.h., according to court records. The car collided with the car of an Uber driver, who was seriously injured.
Alarmed by the statistics, the Department of Transportation in October outlined a plan to work with the National Safety Council and other advocacy groups to devise a “Road to Zero” strategy, with the ambitious goal of eliminating roadway fatalities within 30 years.
The Obama administration’s transportation secretary, Anthony Foxx, said that the near-term effort would involve identifying changes in regulations, laws and standards that could help reduce fatalities. That might include pushing for all states to tighten and enforce laws requiring use of seatbelts in cars and helmets on motorcycles, while cracking down on distracted or drunken driving. The effort might also include tougher regulation of heavy trucks, Mr. Foxx said.
After decades of steady declines, the number of deaths stemming from motor vehicle crashes has risen in the last two years to its highest level since 2009. 3.5
fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel
A second, related effort would focus on setting longer-term goals and speeding the introduction of autonomous-driving technologies that many safety experts say have the potential to prevent accidents by removing distracted humans from the driving equation.
One concern so far, though, is that current generations of automated driver-assistance systems, like the Autopilot feature offered by Tesla Motors, may be lulling some drivers into a false sense of security that can contribute to distracted driving.
Whether highway safety officials in the Trump administration will have the same priorities, though, is too soon to say. The names of candidates for transportation secretary have not yet been publicly


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