Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi Kindle eBook for Free

I saw this via a tweet from @BlindBargains
Amazon offers Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi Kindle eBook for free. That’s $23 off and the best deal we could find. Note that you can add Audible narration for 49 cents. Source:

I added narration via Audible for $0.49. This works slightly different than just a book from Audible, here’s some info from the email I got. BTW: I’m using the Kindle app on my phone and tablet.

Now that you’ve purchased the narration – provided by – for Life on the Mississippi, you can simultaneously read and listen with real-time highlighting.

Get Started with Immersion Reading
Open the Kindle edition of Life on the Mississippi
(from either the carousel or the Books tab).

Tap the screen, and press the Play icon at the bottom of the page.

Watch your book come alive!

Can’t wait to get back to your book?
You can also switch between reading and listening to keep the story going… in the gym, on your commute, in the kitchen, or wherever your day takes you. Thanks to Whispersync for Voice, you’ll never lose your place in the book. Get Started with Whispersync for Voice
Get the Kindle App for your phone or tablet from the App Store or Play Store.

*In addition to the Kindle App, you can listen on Fire tablets, Amazon Echo, and the Audible App.


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